The LUXIMATM LUX13HS image sensor is a 1.0 Megapixel 4,000+ Fps Global Shutter Pixel CMOS Digital Sensor developed for the high speed machine vision, 3D scanning, motion analysis, and industrial markets. LUX13HS features low noise pixel with CDS based on the patented Floating Storage Gate technology. The user can obtain faster frame rates through Y windowing. Color and monochrome options are offered in a ceramic microPGA package.
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Specification Description
Optical format 4/3”
Active resolution 1280 x 864 pixels
Pixel 13.7 um pitch 7T shutter pixel with CDS
Full well 30,000 e-
Read Noise 15 e-
Responsivity 20 V/Lux-s @ 550 nm
QE >45% @ 550 nm
Conversion gain 40 uV/e-
DSNU 0.5% rms
PRNU 1.5% rms
Shutter efficiency 99.9%
Frame Rate 4,000 FPS @ 1280 x 864
9,000 FPS @ 1184 x 384
Column Parallel ADC 10 bit
Data Output 80 LVDS ports @ 540 MHz for 10-b output
64 LVDS ports for 8-b output
Multiplexed Output option YES, 2:1 (40 LVDS ports @ 10b @ 2,500 FPS max)
Windowing Y random access in quanta of 4 rows
X min = 1184 columns, smaller Xwin by data skip
Nominal clock rate 133 MHz
Power supply 3.3V Analog, 1.8V digital
Power consumption 2W
Package Type 352-pin uPGA, 36 mm size
344-pin uPGA, 30 mm size
236-pin uPGA, 30 mm; Multiplexed Output
Color Filter RGB or Monochrome